Cone Valve Technology

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    THIELMANN units are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of clients. With the ability to comply with a range of operational and regulatory needs, THILEMANN designs and builds clean and robust systems for every industry.

    One such example of this innovative approach is the THIELMANN Cone Valve system. Designed to overcome many of the common challenges associated with bulk material handling, including poor flowing and sticky materials, this feature provides various benefits.

    The THIELMANN advantage:

    • Eliminate bridging, rat-holing, and segregation
    • Our experts match the cone valve design to the material in use
    • Customized to meet your specific bulk material requirements
    • Safe, hygienic, and easy to use
    • Modular solutions for integration into wider handling systems

    THIELMANN Cone Valves are safe, modular, and easy to use, with either manual controls or fully automated processes to ensure precise dosing every time, or unlimited measures. These features facilitate the maintenance of particle-free cleanroom operations, ensuring production lines meet safety regulations to the letter.

    For strongly cohesive materials and/or 100-gram dosing requirements, the unit can be fitted with discharging support such as a discharge vibrator (container funnel), a cleaning container outlet, or a cleaning station. For 100/500-gram dosing of strongly cohesive materials, the unit can also include a screw conveyor.

    Our cone valve solutions are suitable for products with OEB levels required 2, 3, or 4. For OEB level 5 materials, please refer to our Split Butterfly valve solutions.

    Contact our team of experts to match your requirements with the best cone valve solution.


    • Specifically designed for dosing and discharging operations with difficult to flow and sticky bulk materials
    • Best choice for hazardous materials for contamination-free and cleanroom requirements
    • Suited to operations where high cleanliness is a key concern
    • Can be customized to fit specific bulk material requirements
    • Enables complete emptying of IBC
    • Control flow with fully automated processes
    • Modular and easy to use
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Long-lasting and recyclable
    • Manufactured from 100% high-grade stainless steel

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