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    The number one choice for the hygienic storage, transport, and maintenance of the organoleptic properties of your food products under even the most demanding conditions

    THIELMANN stainless steel containers for the storage, mixing, and transport of manufactured food products are made to the highest performance levels, certifications, and standards to guarantee the best preservation of your products

    Food product production, in all of its varieties, is subject to strict hygiene, quality, and food safety requirements, as well as numerous certifications from official state and industry bodies and administrations.

    Our containers are manufactured from AISI 304 / AISI 316 high-grade austenitic stainless steel to guarantee high durability and the best possible corrosion protection, which extends their longevity in even the most punishing conditions. They also offer your workers increased safety because they are completely fireproof.

    In addition to ensuring optimum conservation of the organoleptic properties of your products, THIELMANN containers for the food manufacturing industry save our customers money. Their antibacterial properties also allow for easy and effective cleaning – a feature particularly appreciated by users of our tank containers.

    Your partnership with THIELMANN gives you access to a global engineering team, a solution with a geometrically perfect design, and, most important of all, special attention and adaptation to your specific needs.

    • Preserves the organoleptic properties of food products
    • Preserves food quality and flavor
    • Allows for easy, effective, and antibacterial cleaning
    • Protects against the entry of external contamination and ultraviolet (UV) light
    • Prevents the entry of impurities, as well as any kind of oxidation
    • Protects food against sudden temperature changes
    • Useful life of 30 years, providing economic savings
    • Allows for easy transport and storage
    • Easy to transport and store

    Choose high-grade stainless steel for storage, mixing, and transport containers for the food products produced by your industry to obtain assurance and peace of mind with the lowest possible investment. Choose 100% flavor and 100% quality. Choose THIELMANN.

    Find out about the many food industry solutions THIELMANN offered by THIELMANN containers.

    • Concentrates, jams, juices, fruit purées
    • Milk (both liquid and powdered), yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products
    • Liquid eggs
    • Olive oil, sunflower oil, and other cooking oils

    If you are still unsure as to what kind of container, dimensions, or format you need to store or transport your food products, contact THIELMANN for free no-obligation advice.



    THIELMANN's high-grade stainless-steel containers can store, transport, and dispense many different types of dairy products, such as milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, powdered milk, and condensed milk. The antibacterial properties of stainless steel render our containers the ideal vessel for the storage and transportation of a diverse variety of dairy products.


    Edible oil is a plant, animal, or synthetic fat used in food preparation and cooking. Stainless steel containers are most suited for the storage and transportation of edible oils in comparison to other types of containers because they have smooth and seamless interiors which allow for easy emptying of these greasy oils. The aseptic nature of stainless steel also preserves the integrity of the antioxidants found in edible oils.


    The liquid egg is a pasteurized egg product which is commonly used as an ingredient in the bakery industry in place of shell eggs. The liquid egg has several advantages over its shell egg counterpart, such as higher convenience and longer shelf life. It is therefore vital to store and transport this product in a completely aseptic stainless steel container to correctly preserve it in order to reap all of its benefits.


    Fruit concentrate is made by removing the water from fruit and is an ingredient found in many food products, from orange juice to granola bars. Fruit preparations are also a key component in many dairy products. THIELMANN high-grade stainless-steel containers assure the total quality of these ingredients, which have specific demands in relation to their storage and processing.


    Our stainless steel containers are the prime choice to store food additives which are used in food production for reasons such as, preservation, coloring, and sweetening. Additives are added to food at many different stages of food production: during its manufacture, processing, preparation, treatment, packaging, transport, and storage, and as such, having the right containment solution is vital.


    In the food industry aromas and essences are used in a variety of different processes. Stainless steel containers provide complete safety and total quality for the storage and transportation of these ingredients. THIELMANN high-grade containers are made to exacting standards in order to handle, sometimes volatile, gaseous substances, liquids, and even solid foods and aroma essences.


    THIELMANN high-grade stainless steel containers are the best option for the storage and transportation of beverage ingredients and can be custom-tailored for: energy drinks, sports drinks, mixed-beer drinks, carbonated soft drinks, syrups, still drinks, plus many more. Based on the technological intricacies and challenges presented by these types of beverages, stainless steel containers are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.


    • Chocolates
    • Liquid seasonings and sauces
    • Pet food and animal feed
    • Sugar processing and refining
    • Starch
    • Dried fruit
    • Infant formula
    These are indicative applications you might use our containers for. The raw materials you work with will always be submitted for technical evaluation by our experts first. They will subsequently review and recommend the best containment solution to meet your needs based on residence time, temperature, and concentration of your materials. Please contact us to check the suitability of your application.


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