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    Assurance and peace of mind with the most hygienic and robust solution for transporting and preserving beverages of all kinds

    THIELMANN’s high-grade stainless steel containers and kegs are essential for the most demanding brands in the beverage industry

    The guarantees offered by top-quality, high-grade stainless steel for your industry’s beverages provide beverage manufacturers with the best possible distribution solution: hygienic, reliable, safe, and 100% recyclable. Our robust beverage storage and transport solution does not react with any kind of beverage, irrespective of internal or external conditions or even temperature, and thus leaves organoleptic properties unaltered.

    THIELMANN is the market leader in the manufacture of stainless steel beverage containers and kegs for many reasons:

    Because it has the highest quality product to ensure unrivaled standards of hygiene and protection
    Because all of its products are manufactured from high-grade AISI 304 / AISI 316 austenitic stainless steel
    Because its containers protect beverages from UV light, pollution particles, and corrosion
    Because THIELMANN containers offer up to 30 years product lifetime
    Because THIELMANN containers protect your employees from fire hazards

    And because you can select the format that best suits your needs: from kegs with rubber chimes, also known in the industry as RSR (rubber steel rubber) kegs, to EURO beverage kegs, also known as 395 mm EURONORM, as well as kegs suited for taps, all of which can be customized.

    Your partnership with THIELMANN gives you access to a global engineering team, a solution with a geometrically perfect design, and, most important of all, special attention and adaptation to your specific needs.

    Take your beverages to another level. Keep their flavor and quality intact with THIELMANN containers.

    • Protects against ultraviolet (UV) light and external contamination
    • Prevents any kind of oxidation and the entry of impurities
    • Insulates against sudden temperature changes
    • Substantial cost savings due to up to 30 years of keg longevity
    • Avoids the use of trichloroanisol (TCA)
    • Keeps the beverage’s organoleptic properties intact
    • Allows for easy transport and storage
    • Safe and non-flammable

    THIELMANN produces more than 1.5 million stainless steel kegs annually of all types and for all beverage needs: transporting, storing, mixing, distilling, or fermenting beverages, in different volumes ranging from 5 to 50,000 liters and in a variety of formats.

    Kegs from 5 to 200L in different formats: EURO / DIN / US / SLIM / Rubber chimes, etc.

    Cylindrical or cubic IBC containers from 200 to 5000L in all formats with all types of outlets and connections;

    Tank containers up to 50,000L with specific characteristics for transporting and dispensing any kind of beverage.

    Process equipment designed for multiple applications, which slot seamlessly into your industrial processes.

    Our beverage containers’ cylindrical shape and robustness make them easy to handle and maneuver and allow them to be rolled to increase transport efficiency and productivity.

    Discover our solutions for beverage kegs and containers of all kinds made from top-quality, high-grade stainless steel to comply with the most demanding of international standards.

    • Water
    • Wine
    • Beer
    • Cultures
    • Concentrates and juices
    • Etc.

    Discover our wide range of dimensions and sizes, and choose the best option for distributing your products with complete assurance and peace of mind regarding their quality.



    Constructed using high-grade austenitic stainless steel our containers provide unbeatable protection for your beer. THIELMANN containers can be integrated into your industrial processes to preserve the unique properties and flavor of your beer, with minimum alteration. With a THIELMANN container, your beer's original physical, chemical, and sensory properties are protected for longer periods of time.


    From fermentation to storing and dispensing, discover how THIELMANN containers can help deliver the best-tasting cider. Stainless steel containers have proven to not alter the beverage they contain in any way, this renders them the ideal choice for processing and storage, and also protects the distinctive taste profile of your cider, from initial production right through to final consumption.


    Our wine containers are designed to assist you from the processing, to the storage through to the dispensing of your wine. Fermentation, aging, and even distribution can be made simple with our stainless steel kegs and the organoleptic properties of your wine will remain unchanged throughout the entire distribution chain. Preserve the distinctive nuances of your wine from manufacture to consumption with a THIELMANN Wine Keg.


    Carbonated soft drinks are widely consumed beverages that demand a highly corrosion-resistant container for their storage and processing. Stainless steel containers are the ideal solution for this type of application because of their robust and secure nature. THIELMANN has the highest quality containers which deliver unrivaled standards of hygiene and protection for your carbonated beverage.


    Stainless steel containers for coffee production, and for use within draft systems protect the quality and extend the shelf life of cold brew and nitro coffee without compromising on quality. Stainless steel plays a key role in maintaining the distinctive taste and flavor profiles of cold brew and nitro coffee, due to the fact that it does not alter the organoleptic properties of any product that it comes into contact with.


    Cocktails on tap offer consistency, faster service, and increased profits to the HORECA channel. Stainless steel containers serve as the ideal production, storage, and dispensing vessels for the purpose of safeguarding the quality, taste, and sensory properties of cocktails. These qualities are preserved throughout the entire distribution chain, protecting the distinctive taste of your cocktail from initial production right to the very last sip.


    At THIELMANN we have innovated to transfer our expertise and technological know-how from the beer industry to the juice sector. Juice manufacturing, storage and dispensing can pose obstacles due to the presence of problematic ingredients such as acids from sugars. The corrosion resistance that stainless steel offers is proven to eliminate these adverse effects and protects the integrity of your juice.


    The main benefits of stainless steel are its unparalleled levels of hygiene and non-corrosive nature. Stainless steel containers have proven to be the best solution for brewing Kombucha as they avoid the combined reaction of yeast with other bacteria, thanks to its robust and aseptic nature, which results in a Kombucha whose qualities and flavor are uncompromised.


    Stainless steel containers are ideal for use to store, transport, and dispense spirits, this is because stainless steel doesn’t interact with these types of beverages as a conventional barrel would. They can also be used to store product in bulk, halt the aging process, and store and transport spirits for its dispensation in draft lines.


    • Milk
    • Water
    • Liquid yeast

    *These are indicative applications you might use our containers for. The raw materials you work with will always be submitted for technical evaluation by our experts first. They will subsequently review and recommend the best containment solution to meet your needs based on residence time, temperature, and concentration of your materials. Please contact us to check the suitability of your application.


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