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    High corrosion resistance makes high-grade stainless steel the smartest choice for storing and transporting chemical products

    The chemical industry is extremely demanding and involves exhaustive controls and certifications. It is absolutely essential to obtain recipients and containers which ensure maximum quality and safety, and which keep the characteristics of the chemical products which they contain intact.

    An exhaustive industrial process where quality and safety controls are paramount requires storage containers which meet all of the requirements and regulations.

    At THIELMANN we manufacture our containers from top-quality, high-grade AISI 304 / AISI 316 stainless steel. They have been designed to meet the specific needs of customers from the chemical industry, including those who need to transport dangerous goods. The containers can be fully adapted to your processes and with maximum corrosion protection, their useful life is guaranteed at over 30 years.

    Furthermore, they are completely fireproof, contributing to guaranteeing the safety of your employees.

    In this regard, we subject them to stress tests and a variety of validations, in addition to meeting quality assurance for pressurized containers with a CE marking or containers with UN/ADR approval for dangerous goods. We also offer ATEX and ASME certifications, as well as many others.

    Your partnership with THIELMANN gives you access to a global engineering team, a solution with a geometrically perfect design, and most important of all, special attention and adaptation to your specific needs.


    • Excellent isolation from external particles, pollution, and oxidation
    • Protects against temperature changes
    • Barrier effect against ultraviolet (UV) light
    • Maintains the properties of the chemical product intact
    • Easy to transport and store

    THIELMANN high-grade stainless steel containers manufactured for the chemical industry offer excellent resistance and protection against corrosion, UV light, oxidation, and other external agents, as well as being ductile and highly efficient. A safe solution offering you assurance and peace of mind which is also 100% recyclable.

    To find out more about how our high-grade stainless steel containers can add value to your products by simplifying their storage and transport, contact us with no obligation.



    Certain substances used in the chemical, pharma, energy, and manufacturing industries are extremely hazardous. One such example is bromine, which is highly corrosive, toxic, and can cause serious chemical burns.

    Bromine (UN1744) is utilized in many industries, including agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, high-performance rubber, polymers, biocides, and energy, as well as in chemicals used in the oil and gas sector.

    It’s a vital component of numerous industrial processes; however, it is extremely hazardous due to its corrosive properties. According to the EU’s harmonized classification system, bromine is fatal if inhaled, with the capacity to severely burn the skin and eyes. It is also extremely toxic to marine life. Therefore, its safe and secure transport and storage is of vital importance, for people and the planet.

    THIELMANN provides a range of tanks and containers for these hard-to-handle materials to exacting standards. Innovative designs such as our heavy-duty double drum portable containers provide fully-compliant, ultra-resilient solutions for the transport and storage of hazardous substances.


    Our stainless-steel containers are perfectly suitable for chemicals that lack both carbon and hydrogen. Inorganic chemicals are mainly divided into 4 types: acid, base, salt and water which can be easily transported in stainless steel containers. Generally, stainless steel is resistive from inorganic acids like nitric acid and phosphoric acid at normal temperatures. Specialist engineering solutions are required while handling inorganic chemicals at a higher temperature, higher residence time, and/or higher concentration.


    Organic chemicals are a broad class of chemicals containing carbon and their derivatives. Our austenitic stainless steel containers provide safe and stable storage and transportation for many of the organic acids and bases. Our containers are made with perfect care to handle gaseous, liquid, and even solid organic chemicals. Our high-grade Stainless steel can handle many organic chemicals easily without creating a filtration issue. Specific types of stainless steel resist a wide range of organic chemicals.


    Specialty and fine chemicals are rare and expensive pure chemical substances that need perfect care and storage. THIELMANN high-grade stainless-steel containers assure the safety and integrity of such chemicals with airtight containment solutions. Other containers can cause deterioration of fine chemicals thus, they must be stored under specific high-grade steel containers which inhibits any reaction.


    Our stainless-steel containers are a prime choice to store Adhesives and sealants used to stick objects or materials to each other. Lubricants can be easily handled using our certified pressure vessels, avoiding any loss of ingredients. We work with concrete kinds of stainless steel to transport and store Solvents, which are liquid chemicals like water, ether, or alcohol, for a long time.


    The polymer is a matrix compound composed of many repetitive units. THIELMANN high-grade stainless steel containers are the best option for storage and transportation of solution polymers which are very sensitive in handling. Usually, solution polymers should be kept in an airtight stainless steel container at a temperature between 0°C to 40 °C to avoid freezing.


    Stainless steel containers are most suitable for the storage and transportation of cosmetics as compared to other types of containers. Cosmetics are generally in the form of a gel, viscous liquid, or solid which can be easily handled by using dedicated containers. Our wide range of containers has perfect geometries to ensure the good flowability of any type of substance and accurate dose dispensing.


    THIELMANN high-grade stainless-steel containers can store, transport, and dispense Detergent liquids or solid substances which combine with dust and impurities to clean them from the surface in the presence of water. Chemically they can be salts of sulfonic acid and carboxylic acid which are better handled in our stainless steel containers.


    Ion exchange

    These are indicative applications you might use our containers for. The raw materials you work with will always be submitted for technical evaluation by our experts first. They will subsequently review and recommend the best containment solution to meet your needs based on residence time, temperature and concentration of your materials. Please contact us to check the suitability of your application.


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