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    The best choice for maintaining the integrity of your pharmaceutical products throughout their journey

    THIELMANN is an essential supplier to manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, enabling them to store and transport their products in compliance with the highest quality and safety certifications in even the most demanding conditions. Your trust in THIELMANN means total quality assurance for your customers

    Pharmaceutical products are subject to constant quality controls and testing. These requirements are indispensable for distributing them to end consumers, and it is essential that they travel in storage and transport containers that fully guarantee their efficacy and integrity.

    THIELMANN’s range of containers for the pharmaceutical industry offers all of the guarantees and reliability demanded by the different quality certifications. Because they are made from AISI 304 / AISI 316 austenitic stainless steel, the products inside remain intact, uncontaminated by air, oxidation, or container particles, and unaltered by temperature. Stainless steel preserves all of their properties.

    Our proprietary discharge systems ensure complete product emptying, thus avoiding contact with any external element and also guaranteeing the safety of your employees. Your product thereby remains unaltered until it enters your manufacturing plant. A safe solution offering you assurance and peace of mind, which is also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

    Your partnership with THIELMANN gives you access to a global engineering team, a solution with a geometrically perfect design, and, most important of all, special attention and adaptation to your specific needs.

    • Hermetic storage that prevents the entry of external substances and agents

    THIELMANN containers are an excellent choice for storing and transporting pharmaceutical products and keep them intact and unchanged from the moment they are filled.

    If you would like our advice on the ideal stainless containers for your pharmaceutical products, do not hesitate to contact us. We are eager to hear from you.

    Industry applications


    Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are pure drug powders that should be free from any impurities and foreign materials. Our stainless steel container solutions are made with precision to assure the integrity of drug powder during storage, transport, and manufacturing.


    THIELMANN stainless steel containers are the best choice to store drug additives and excipients. They can handle powder, liquid, or oily excipients with safety and integrity assurance. We provide a wide variety of bulk materials containers to keep excipients in airtight condition over a wide range of temperatures.


    We supply a wide range of containers to store any type of OSD form like tablets, capsules, chewable, effervescent, or caplets, perfectly designed to protect friable oral solid dosage forms like tablets against mechanical stress. We provide specialist dosing systems automation for precise and repeatable results at scale.


    THIELMANN stainless steel containers are ideal for storage, transport, and dosing of inhalable fine powders with quality assurance. The appropriate cone or butterfly valve system ensures the elimination of bridging, rat-holing, and segregation during operations.


    Liquid medicines remain unblemished, uncontaminated by air, oxidation, or container particles, and unaltered by temperature by using THIELMANN’s containers specifically made for the pharmaceutical industry. Our wide range of containers can store a range of liquid drugs like syrups, ointments, emulsions, eye drops, etc. The perfect geometry of the container ensures the good flowability of any type of liquid dosage form.


    THIELMANN stainless steel containers can be used for the storage and transportation of a wide range of biopharmaceutical products like vitamins, hormones, blood factors, etc. Usually, these products are very sensitive to the outer environment and temperature. We supply containers for hermetic storage that prevents the entry of external substances and agents.


    Our containers can be used to store medical gases used in treatment like anesthesia and driving medical devices and tools. There is mainly 7 kind of gases used: oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, helium, argon, carbon dioxide, and compressed air. Most of these gases can be stored for a specific time in our container with the required pressure and safety assurance.


    Saline solutions
    Rubbing alcohol
    Inhalant substances
    Dental fluor
    Blood & Blood processing
    Pharmaceutical lotions
    Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)

    *These are indicative applications you might use our containers for. The raw materials you work with will always be submitted for technical evaluation by our experts first. They will subsequently review and recommend the best containment solution to meet your needs based on residence time, temperature, and concentration of your materials. Please contact us to check the suitability of your application.


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