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    The optimal storage system for maintaining the characteristics of coatings products

    Paints and varnishes require containers that protect them from temperature changes and other external agents. THIELMANN provides the widest range of container solutions for the coatings industry, presenting the right choice for maintaining, transporting, and storing your business’ paints and varnishes, while also protecting against external agents and temperature changes to preserve their qualities and composition

    THIELMANN containers for the coatings industry also offer strong protection against corrosion, making them safe for industrial manufacturing processes and protecting your prized employees in addition to your coatings product. Our protection goes even further, thanks to our discharge systems, which ensure complete product emptying, preventing any kind of contamination, internal or external. A safe solution offering you assurance and peace of mind that is also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

    THIELMANN’s high-grade AISI 304 /AISI 316 austenitic stainless steel storage solutions are highly customizable and available in a wide variety of products, dimensions, and formats, and extremely high real-time production capacity.

    Your partnership with THIELMANN gives you access to a global engineering team, a solution with a geometrically perfect design, and, most important of all, special attention and adaptation to your specific needs.


    • Easily integrated into logistics, processing, and storage operations
    • Preserves paint and varnish without altering its characteristics
    • Protects the product against sudden temperature changes
    • Optimal storage
    • Reusable and easy to clean
    • Easy and safe maintenance

    If you would like more information on the technical and manufacturing characteristics of our stainless steel containers for the paint and varnish industry, contact us and we will get in touch with you.



    The purpose of using a primer is to create a flawless foundation in which to begin paint works, it is, therefore, essential that the integrity of this key element is stored and transported in the correct manner. THIELMANN stainless steel containers provide unbeatable protection against sudden temperature changes and offer an impressive service lifetime of over 30 years.


    Basecoats within the automotive industry are generally classified into three main categories: solid paint, metallic paint, and pearlescent paint. THIELMANN containers not only offer complete UV protection but are also the optimal choice of vessel for preserving the quality of all types of paint, each with its own unique set of requirements.


    Clearcoats come in many forms such as acrylic polyurethane, an “enamel”, commonly used within the automotive industry, to lacquers and varnishes. The high-grade (AISI 304 /AISI 316) stainless steel construction of THIELMANN containers provides complete protection against UV light, and thanks to its durability and airtight insulation, and additionally offers resistance against fire.


    Typically, hardeners are manufactured using polyurethane which presents various safety risks in relation to its storage and handling, such as, moisture sensitivity and the recommendation of complete avoidance of physical contact. THIELMANN containers are fully hermetic meaning that not only do they safeguard the hazardous hardeners, they also protect the operators who use them. Additionally, THIELMANN's cleaning services can ensure that your container is certified as silicone-free.


    Some printing ink poses risks to the external environment due to its composition, therefore a safe containment solution is vital in order to protect the environment, and to also guarantee product integrity. THIELMANN containers are the perfect eco-friendly containment solution, thanks to their robust stainless steel construction, which delivers excellent product protection and a lifetime of service.


    Thermoplastic paint sometimes referred to as epoxy or insulating paint, is powder-based paint, which requires special handling and care. THIELMANN hard-wearing stainless steel containers are the ideal vessels for the mixing, storing, and transportation of these particular types of paints, which require airtight storage and protection against temperature changes.


    Heat resistant coatings are relied upon to provide humidity protection and heat resistance, sometimes up to 750°C, it is, therefore, crucial that their integrity is safeguarded at all times, throughout the entire supply chain. THIELMANN stainless steel containers offer aseptic and durable container solutions which can be seamlessly integrated into existing logistics, processing, and storage operations.


    Industrial sectors: manufacturing, construction...

    *These are indicative applications you might use our containers for. The raw materials you work with will always be submitted for technical evaluation by our experts first. They will subsequently review and recommend the best containment solution to meet your needs based on residence time, temperature, and concentration of your materials. Please contact us to check the suitability of your application.

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