Cocktail Keg

Cocktail kegs
Cocktail kegs

The ideal choice to store and tap pre-mixed cocktails

Cocktails on tap offer consistency, fast service and increased profits to the HORECA channel

The cocktails on tap trend is here to stay and offers a multitude of benefits to the beverage producer's customers (bars, restaurants, hotels and catering businesses). It's a great time to add kegged cocktails to your portfolio to stay on the cutting edge and to expand on business opportunities.
Constructed using high-quality stainless steel, our robust kegs serve as the ideal storage and dispensing containers for safeguarding the quality, taste and sensory properties of your cocktail.
Stainless steel has been proven to not affect the beverage it contains, this means that the organoleptic properties of your beverage will stay the same throughout the entire distribution chain, protecting the distinctive taste profile of your cocktail from initial storage to the very last sip.

THIELMANN offers a wide range of kegs, with capacities from 5L - 100L which can be used to store, transport and dispense cocktails.

Don't have keg cleaning and filling equipment? No problem - take a look at the THIELMANN Starter Keg, which cleverly removes the need for investment of this type of equipment.

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5 - 100 Liters


  • Beverage


  • EC 1935-2004 Compliant
  • Total UV light protection: Our kegs protect 100% against the harmful effects that UV light can cause to a product.
  • Temperature protection: Our container solutions provide better insulation against sudden changes in temperature.
  • Eco-friendly: 100% recyclable
  • Product preservation: Either CO2 or N2 (or a mixture of both) can be used, depending on your requirements*, to preserve your product by creating an equilibrium inside the keg to ensure that the beverage is not altered.
  • Oxidation prevention: the kegs create an impermeable barrier against the entry of external impurities as well as air, therefore avoiding oxidation to the beverage inside.
  • Cost savings: Due to the high residual value of stainless steel, at the end of the keg's life, it can be recycled and scrapped, at a higher value than the majority of alternatives in the market.

*Contact us to analyze your requirements.

THIELMANN Cocktail Kegs are made using stainless steel that leaves the distinctive taste profile of your cocktail unaltered, regardless of the handling, climatic conditions or rate of consumption.

  • 100% taste: Stainless steel does not affect the product it comes into contact with, ensuring that the cocktail maintains its organoleptic properties throughout the distribution chain from initial storage through to final consumption.
  • Consistency: Every cocktail served will taste the same regardless the bartender or their experience.
  • Faster service = more profit: Kegged cocktails result in multiple drinks being served in less time.
  • Prevent product wastage: By preparing a single batch at once and kegging it, many different fresh individual ingredients are not required during service, resulting in less waste. Also, it doesn't matter how quickly the cocktail is consumed, it won't spoil in the keg.
  • Play with the result: With different gas combinations you can affect the final result, for example, carbonation is possible with the addition of CO2, and certain cocktails can be infused and/or served with nitrogen to achieve a different taste profile, texture and mouth feel.
  • Cocktails

Unit: Metric Imperial

Slim 278 30 L 278 mm 8.15 Kg 590 mm 570 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

25 L 278 mm 6.3 Kg 513 mm 490 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

20 L 278 mm 5.65 Kg 435 mm 410 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

15 L 278 mm 5 Kg 350 mm 330 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 237 20 L 237 mm 5.4 Kg 560 mm 535 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
  15 L 237 mm 4.5 Kg 440 mm 415 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
  10 L 237 mm 3.65 Kg 330 mm 303 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 250 5 L 250 mm - - - -
Slim 278 7.92 Gal 10.94 in 17.96 lb 23.22 in 22.44 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

6.60 Gal 10.94 in
13.88 lb 20.19 in 19.29 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

5.28 Gal 10.94 in
12.45 lb 17.12 in 16.14 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

3.96 Gal 10.94 in
11.02 lb 13.77 in 12.99 in Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 237
5.28 Gal 9.33 in 11.90 lb 22.04 in 21.06 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

3.96 Gal 9.33 in
9.92 lb 17.32 in 16.33 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

2.64 Gal 9.33 in
8.04 lb 12.99 in 11.92 in Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 250
1.32 Gal 9.84 in - - - -

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