Small Industrial Containers and Pressure Vessels

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    THIELMANN Small Industrial Containers represent a perfect solution for the optimal storage of any type of liquid, gas, or substances that need to be maintained under certain conditions and pressure. The ease of cleaning, long-life durability, and the wide range of connections and customizations available, mean that THIELMANN Small Industrial Containers can fit seamlessly into most processes within the Beverage, Chemical, Food, Paint & Coatings, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Water Treatment Industries.


    CE Pressure Vessels

    The THIELMANN vessels that fall under this category carry a CE marking, which offers total assurance and peace of mind that these products are fully compliant according to the Pressure Equipment Directive and that they meet the rigorous standards to ensure quality, safety, and protection of the environment and human life.


    UN and DoT hazardous storage vessels

    THIELMANN Vessels for hazardous products are constructed using high-quality stainless steel and are designed for the storage and transportation of dangerous goods, and other products commonly used within the Oil & Biofuel, Biotechnology, Chemical, Health & Beauty, Pharmaceutical, Hygiene, Semi-Conductor, Food, Pulp & Paper, and Power Generation industries.


    ASME Pressure vessels

    THIELMANN offers a full range of custom configurations, designed specifically for your application. Different options, such as sizes and capacities, body and bottom skirt material, seal types (NBR/EPDM/VITON/PTFE), level controls, sight tube gauges, electropolishing, plus many more, can be customized to fit in with your unique application.


    Multipurpose Vessels

    THIELMANN Multipurpose Vessels are suitable for products which do not require any specific certification. As such, this renders them the ideal versatile solution for customers who require a flexible high-quality container suitable for a multitude of different applications.


    Cleaning Can

    Constructed with high-quality stainless steel (AISI 304), THIELMANN cleaning cans are available with a capacity of either 9 or 18 liters and can also be pressurized with gas to push a cleaning solution through the lines.


    Gas Cylinders

    Our stainless steel gas cylinders represent a solution which is not only lighter than carbon steel alternatives but also include a number of additional advantages over and above its competitors. The many unique properties afforded by stainless steel means that it is superior in quality in comparison to aluminum and composite cylinders thus, making it the strongest candidate for material selection.


    In Stock ASME Pressure Vessels

    THIELMANN Small Industrial Containers are manufactured according to the very high ASME standards and represent the perfect solution for a variety of industries where applications need to adhere to the Pressure Equipment Directive.


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