IBC Cleaning

Cleaning 1

Residue-free cleaning of a used IBC is immensely important in order to ensure optimal quality of products to be stored and transported after use, regardless of whether it is a liquid, sticky or a free-flowing substance.

Optimal cleaning ensures that you can easily meet even the highest quality requirements demanded by OEMs, even for particularly sensitive contents.

For your IBC, we use an innovative cleaning process, which over the years has been developed to perfection. When cleaning with solvents, a mechanical 3D cleaning system is used, this is particularly useful for transport containers with cubic or cylindrical designs from 250 - approx. 1,200 liters. The mechanical processing of the interior is carried out by a three-dimensional brush with individual bristle lengths that is capable of changing rotational direction. Together with the use of solvents, we can achieve an optimal cleaning result of the walls, floor and topsoil area, in all of their different forms. At the same time, the spout is cleaned by another brush unit.

The second step is a manual check, and if required, a manual post-clean carried out by our experienced cleaning specialists.
The final step is the complete drying of the interior of the IBC.

With a capacity of up to 90 cleanings per day in shift operation, over 2,000 IBCs per month can be cleaned by following this process.


Your IBC will be fully-cleaned using our multi-stage process and you will receive it sparkling clean, like new. receive it:

  • Silicone-free (certificate available on request)
  • Fat free
  • Oil-free
  • Lint-free
  • Streak-free
  • Ready for use!


IBCz 1000


For special IBCs with unusual shapes or soiling, we are able to offer further cleaning solutions


Ideal for IBCs that are used for automotive paints (250 liter pear) whose geometry offers no bottom outlet, we have created a special cleaning system which has a capacity of cleaning up to 2,000 containers per month.

Spray head

If required, internal cleaning can also be carried out by using a high-pressure spray head. Thanks to its sharp-point jet, even the most stubborn residue can be removed. The spray head rotates around two axes and thus, can reach each and every point of the container inner surface.


For IBCs with an unusual geometry or for containers in which very specialized products are transported, we offer cleaning by hand carried out by our qualified personnel. Regardless of whether it is mechanical or manual cleaning, we ensure that all environmental and health and safety regulations are adhered to, at all times.

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