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    Our innovative processes and comprehensive service and logistics solutions can help you to operate your supply chain safely and economically.

    Take advantage of our professional services:

    • Cleaning of reusable hazardous and non-hazardous goods containers (IBCs)
    • Maintenance, revision, and repair of all types of metal IBCs
    • Approved inspection body for statutory tests
    • On-time pick-up and delivery logistics

    As a company specializing in comprehensive large IBC packaging services, you can receive all services, from a single source, leaving you to focus on your core business whilst ensuring a reliable and cost-effective supply chain of clean and functioning IBCs for your customers.

    Many well-known companies in the Food, Chemical, and Paint industries already rely on our container expertise and many years of experience.

    We would be delighted to help your business to grow with our service solutions and look forward to any inquiries you may have.



    Residue-free cleaning of a used IBC is immensely important in order to ensure optimal quality of products to be stored and transported after use, regardless of whether it is a liquid, sticky, or a free-flowing substance.

    Optimal cleaning ensures that you can easily meet even the highest quality requirements demanded by OEMs, even for particularly sensitive content.

    For your IBC, we use an innovative cleaning process, which over the years has been developed to perfection. When cleaning with solvents, a mechanical 3D cleaning system is used, this is particularly useful for transport containers with cubic or cylindrical designs from 250 - approx. 1,200 liters. The mechanical processing of the interior is carried out by a three-dimensional brush with individual bristle lengths that is capable of changing rotational direction. Together with the use of solvents, we can achieve an optimal cleaning result of the walls, floor, and topsoil area, in all of their different forms. At the same time, the spout is cleaned by another brush unit.

    The second step is a manual check, and if required, a manual post-clean carried out by our experienced cleaning specialists.
    The final step is the complete drying of the interior of the IBC.

    With a capacity of up to 90 cleanings per day in shift operation, over 2,000 IBCs per month can be cleaned by following this process.


    In the supply chain, your IBCs may be exposed to a variety of stresses and strains, and as such damage can occur which may affect their functionality.

    In this case, you are able to use our service solutions for the maintenance, repair, and also refurbishing of your valuable containers.

    As a recognized specialist company according to §19 l Wasserhaushaltsgesetzt (WHG) we have the approval and expertise to carry out many different types of work to keep your containers in perfect working condition:

    • Repairs to the tank
    • Leak testing
    • Replacement of fittings
    • Supply of spare parts
    • Welding on steel and stainless steel

    Our highly skilled and experienced workers will help you to maintain your valuable IBC by ensuring it is ready for use and also by helping to extend its useful working life. This in turn increases your profitability, and also helps to create sustainability.

    INSPECTION (NR. BAM / III. 13 / 015)



    Wherever dangerous goods are transported, the legislator demands regular inspections of the containers used. As a recognized inspection agency in accordance with the BAM Dangerous Goods Guidelines (GGR 002), we can undertake all of the required periodic testing and inspections for your IBCs.

    • Internal examination (after 2.5 years)
    • Official examination (after 5 years)

    Our examiners have qualified technical training, expertise according to §32 (5) Pressure Vessel Ordinance as well as the additional qualifications which deem them to be experts in carrying out inspections of industrial bulk containers (IBC).

    The inspections of your IBC can either be carried out at our dedicated Ellrich cleaning facility or alternatively on-site at your company.

    Our examiners work completely independently and will take care of everything for you, leaving you safe in the knowledge that all of the relevant legal requirements have been adhered to, and that your IBC is in top clean condition:

    • Preparation and handling
    • Provision of necessary testing equipment
    • Minor instant repairs
    • Replacement of defective fittings and/or seals
    • Compilation of test reports
    • Ensure that your IBC is fully and comprehensively cleaned

    Take advantage of our services today!




    The right IBC, at the right time, at the right place: the THIELMANN logistics service saves not only time and effort but also unnecessary costs too.

    It's all part of the service: we pick up your used containers direct from your customers, clean and maintain them, and then simply deliver them back to you - ready for use.

    Flexibility is key: we also offer the option of collecting your IBC directly from you and then conveniently dropping it back after the scheduled cleaning and maintenance - all ready for its next use.

    Delivery and collection dates are organized according to your specific requirements, meaning that it is not only convenient to stay on top of the optimization of your IBC inventory, but also a breeze.

    Our service solutions have been tailored specifically with our customers in mind, with the goal of increasing their economic efficiency through intelligent utilization.

    If you have any questions about container management solutions or our logistics services, please contact us.

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