Services for Tank Containers

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    Our systems are operated in some of the harshest environments, frequently used by operators who may not be fully conversant with the system design. Field service support, periodic upgrades, design, and safety case reviews form a critical element of THIELMANN's integrated service package.

    We provide an exceptional standard in bespoke support solutions which include post-design services, contractor logistics support, contracting for availability, operator and maintenance training, spares, codification, obsolescence management, regeneration, and upgrades. We can provide this service for our own products as well as third-party products.

    Part of our support program is web-based training and virtual reality simulations to train the operators of our tank container systems. One chapter of the learning software explains how to fix possible malfunctions. After working through the learning program, the user can implement everything learned step by step directly in the virtual environment. In addition, users can directly order spare parts interactively using the virtual 3D model.

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