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    Discover what THIELMANN'S Beer Decanting service can do for you


    As one of the world’s leading container manufacturers, THIELMANN is fortunate to be able to react to this new and unprecedented global climate swiftly, and without disruption to our existing operations, with our brand-new and dynamic service offering.

    We are proud to introduce the THIELMANN Decanting Service, which allows our brewers and customers to safely and securely decant and dispose of their ullage (unsaleable beer) in an accountable manner, resulting in a return of the duties paid on their beer by the respective tax authority of their country.

    Disposing of large quantities of beer from kegs in a safe manner presents various practical problems, firstly, kegs must be drained using a safe dispense system to remove the gas (CO2/N2/Mixed Gas) and, secondly, if the disposal involves the municipal sewers this needs to be arranged and approved in advance with the local authorities whilst also obeying local environmental laws; due in part to the oxygen it takes out of local water courses and also at the filtration plant.

    THIELMANN’s Beer Decanting Service removes these obstacles and ensures the safe and secure emptying of your kegs, in a sustainable manner, and if required, the disposal of the excess beer in accordance with local legislation.

    Our many years of expertise in the beverage industry and versatility render us the preferred partner of choice for the secure and sustainable disposal of your excess beer.

    Can any of our other services help you?

    There has never been a better time to work on getting your keg fleets properly cleaned, maintained and refurbished. Our comprehensive keg services include: keg maintenance, repairs, tagging services, cleaning, inspections, testing, customization services and re-branding.

    We have a wealth of experience in helping breweries re-purpose used keg fleets with our flexible re-branding services, that can be fully tailored to your specific needs, to repair, refurbish, and fully re-brand your used keg fleet to as new.

    To learn more about how our Keg Services can help your business visit the Keg Services page on our website.


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