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    Hygiene matters now more than ever before


    As certain countries begin easing confinement measures, more bars and restaurants will invariably be opening once again to the general public. During this obligatory quarantine many of you involved in the Hospitality industry have most likely been mulling over the various ways in which you can best protect and reassure your customers of impeccable hygiene.

    In many countries masks and gloves will be obligatory for staff of establishments who operate in the public sphere, in order to guarantee safety when serving. But how do you intend to protect the high-profit margin commodities in your beverage arsenal – your on-tap beverages?

    First of all, a robust and secure vessel, like a stainless steel keg, is a sound option to safeguard your profitable asset from destructive factors such as UV light and temperature changes, but what else can be done to protect the quality, and more importantly, the hygiene, of your draft beverages, and in turn the health and safety of your customer base?

    The proper and regular cleaning of draft lines is essential in removing built-up bacteria and also in preventing organoleptic alteration of draft beverages.

    So, what’s the solution?

    The THIELMANN Cleaning Can facilitates “static cleaning” for short runs measuring up to 4.5 meters or 15 feet, and represents a simple and cost-effective solution for draft line cleaning. This method only requires the substitution of the keg by the Cleaning Can during the washing process and once finished, the Cleaning Can is simply untapped and the line is re-tapped to the beverage keg.

    Manufactured using stainless steel which offers unbeatable durability, and operational with a working pressure of up to 5 Bar, the Cleaning Can is a high-quality, easy-to-use and simple draft line cleaning solution which delivers peace of mind that draft lines have been cleaned impeccably and hygienically.

    In the digital age news travels fast, and now more than ever, reputation of good hygiene and cleanliness can bolster certain establishments success, or spell failure for those that don’t follow the correct safety and hygiene protocols. Now is the perfect time to establish best hygiene practices, which you can share with your customer base to boost confidence and hopefully additional bookings too.

    Save time, make life simpler, and more hygienic – with a THIELMANN Cleaning Can.


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