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    Everything You Need, All in one Clever Container

    Beverage 29 April

    Why buy several tanks that serve different purposes when all you really need is one?

    That’s the question we pose to our brewers and wine or cider makers who are perhaps starting out and are evaluating their initial equipment investments or are responding to an expansion demand.

    The THIELMANN Aseptic Container has been designed with breweries and wineries in mind because it can serve a multitude of applications such as, Brite tank, fermenter (wine and cider), carbonation vessel and also a yeast propagation vessel.

    By investing in a container that ticks many boxes instead of just one, our customers can produce creatively whilst also ensuring long term fiscal efficiency for their business. THIELMANN Aseptic Containers are a safe bet for any producer looking for a reliable and flexible solution that delivers great results.

    Manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel and by using state-of-the-art laser welding equipment to ensure completely sanitary welds throughout, our containers offer a seamless and hygienic interior that reduces the risk of contamination, whilst also resulting in the perfect beverage.

    We offer a huge variety of versatile personalization options for fittings and connections depending on your requirements, and you can explore them all on our dedicated THIELMANN Aseptic Container page on our website here.

    Don’t forget our experts are on hand to support you every step of the way.


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