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    Everything You Need to Know About our IBC Services: All in one Place


    Our new IBC Services web page details how our innovative processes and comprehensive service and logistics solutions can help your business to operate a reliable and cost-effective supply chain.

    Our professional services include; IBC cleaning (including authorization to clean IBCs used for dangerous goods), repair, maintenance and servicing of all types of metal IBCs, approved inspections for statutory tests and our on-time pick up and delivery logistics.

    Residue-free cleaning of our customers' IBCs is extremely important because it ensures the optimal storage and transportation of the products kept inside, and because we understand that one size doesn't fit all - we've designed our IBC cleaning solutions to be as diverse as our customers: from mechanical 3D cleaning with solvents, manual cleaning by hand for IBCs with an unusual geometry to a special cleaning system designed specifically for automotive paints, you can rest assured that whatever your IBC or raw material, THIELMANN has the right cleaning solution for you.

    Our professional solutions have been designed with our customers at the forefront of our mind, for example, with our on-time pick-up and delivery logistics solution; we pick up your used containers direct from your customers, clean and maintain them, and then simply deliver them back to you afterwards – ready for use.

    We understand that flexibility is key so we also offer the option of collecting your IBC directly from you at a convenient time and then dropping it back after the scheduled cleaning and maintenance, leaving you to focus on your core business whilst ensuring a clean and well-maintained IBC inventory.

    Here at THIELMANN it’s all part of the service.




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