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    Introducing the THIELMANN Aseptic Cone Bottom Multi Purpose Tank

    Beverage, Products 20 September

    With our Aseptic Cone Bottom Multi Purpose Tanks, brewers are able to accomplish many different tasks, such as, beer fermentation, yeast propagation, storage, carbonation and serving. They represent a truly multi-purpose solution for the versatile brewer who requires a container that can serve a broad range of brewery applications.

    A cone shaped bottom ensures that it is easy to capture and remove yeast, which can then be saved for the next batch of beer. They also feature stainless steel dimple jackets which are designed to boost glycol cooling performance, which in turn, maintains lower lagering temperatures.

    The seamless and hygienic interior features polished and passivated welds, this, combined with the container's cylindrical design results in a container that is easy to clean, therefore reducing the risk of contamination. Offering the best, safe and aseptic environment, for your beer.

    For more information and in depth technical specifications, please visit our dedicated product page on the website here.

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