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    TEKA holding becomes HERITAGEB

    Press 4 October

    • Having the same name for the holding and the Kitchen & Bath business makes things unclear for stakeholders and business partners.
    • Current and future business activities within the group would feel less significant if the name of the holding company only reflected one of its business activities.
    • We believe that employees of the holding will identify more strongly with the independent name HERITAGEB.
      The new name creates a strong identity to inspire employees, business partners and other stakeholders. It clearly differentiates the holding from the group’s current business activities.



    HERITAGEB expresses what the holding does: creating a home and a heritage for its business activities and its brands. A heritage that builds on their past achievements. A heritage that shapes our current and future business activities.

    As a team of experienced professionals, driven by strong values and by an entre- preneurial spirit, we are leading the development of HERITAGEB. We will act responsibly and focus on the long-term to ensure sustainable results. With agility and inspiration, HERITAGEB will ensure that our brands and companies are well prepared to face the future with renewed strength.
    B represents ‘building brands’, and even more, ‘building businesses’.

    In a nutshell, HERITAGEB stands for INSPIRING OWNERSHIP. This is our new claim, our promise and our overall objective. Our greatest assets on this journey are our employees. It is your dedication, your ideas and your readiness to take responsibility that will lead us to success.

    From now on THIELMANN will develop its core activity, stainless steel solutions for liquids & solids storage, with the strength of HERITAGEB behind.

    Thank you for supporting HERITAGEB on our journey.

    For more information on HERITAGEB please visit our new website


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