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    THIELMANN cocktail kegs deliver consistency, faster service and less wastage

    Beverage, Products 17 August

    We all know that kegs are used store and transport beer, but what about kegs to store and tap pre-mixed cocktails?

    The cocktail on tap trend is here to stay and we can see why.

    Put simply, kegging cocktails offers a multitude of benefits to the beverage producer’s customers: bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels and catering businesses.

    Our robust stainless steel kegs provide flavor consistency; this is because stainless steel has been proven to not affect the sensory (organoleptic) properties of products that it comes into contact with, meaning that from initial storage, to the first pour, right to the very last, your cocktail will be the same, time and time again.

    By being able to serve pre-mixed cocktails on tap, serving staff don’t need to spend precious time preparing a cocktail, meaning they can move onto the next customer’s order more quickly, improving customer service and generating higher turnover.

    The global food and beverage sector reportedly wastes a staggering amount of fresh produce on a daily basis. The good news is that THIELMANN Cocktail Kegs preserve beverages throughout the entire distribution chain, meaning that not as many expensive fresh ingredients need be purchased or as regularly as before; resulting in less wastage – demonstrating your organization’s unique selling point - enabling your customers to save on food costs and waste within the industry.

    To find out how your business can tap into the kegged cocktail trend with a THIELMANN Cocktail Keg contact one of our experts, who will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements, or visit our dedicated web pages to find out more.

    Don't have keg cleaning and filling equipment? No problem - take a look at the THIELMANN Starter Keg, which cleverly removes the need for investment of this type of equipment.

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