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    Introducing the THIELMANN Battery Safe Box

    Products 14 July
    The total solution for the complex challenges of the electric vehicle market


    Currently, the electric vehicle market is experiencing remarkable growth, yet lithium ion batteries have complex handling requirements, as they are highly flammable and reactive. Volatile and potentially dangerous, these batteries can spontaneously ignite and burn.

    THIELMANN has applied their extensive knowledge and experience to containment solutions for dangerous applications, and has developed an innovative and brand new product: The Battery Safe Box.

    The THIELMANN Battery Safe Box is designed to provide a stable and safe protective environment for the transportation, storage and handling of these types of batteries, which are mainly used for electric vehicles and machinery.

    Constructed of high-grade stainless steel, the Battery Safe Box meets the rigorous standards as required from demanding applications.

    The Battery Safe Box has been extensively tested, and has proven time and time again, to ensure that it can isolate and contain a lithium ion battery on fire.

    The system meets existing regulations for the storage and transport of Lithium Ion batteries, with a BAM approval that meets the requirements of the ADR.

    “Given the vast number of end-users for this application we see a strong future for the Battery Safe Box – car manufacturers, garages, logistics companies and governments all have requirements for this technology,” the Product Line Director said. “We also see application in the Defense market, because as military vehicles increasingly include electric drive technology customers in that segment are likely to emerge."


    THIELMANN's flexible Full Handling Service, for a fixed fee, provides a comprehensive service for your entire network of batteries, across the globe.

    This total battery service solution includes battery collection, whatever their condition and safe and secure transportation to wherever they need to go. Also included is the provision and fitting of spare parts, as well as regular maintenance checks.

    Focus on your core business with total peace of mind that THIELMANN has taken care of everything.

    To find out more, visit the THIELMANN BATTERY SAFE BOX page on our website here, or alternatively contact us here and a THIELMANN expert will get in touch right away to help with your enquiry.

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