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    Did you know our stainless steel kegs are great for cider too?


    Here’s why…

    THIELMANN CIDER KEGS are, in fact, the ideal storage vessels for safeguarding the quality of your cider from the cidery to the glass because they are manufactured using strong and durable stainless steel which leaves the organoleptic properties of your cider unaltered throughout each and every step of the distribution chain: from initial storage to final consumption.

    THIELMANN CIDER KEGS offer a safe and secure containment solution which prevent the entry of oxygen and other external impurities, resulting in less wastage and, most importantly, a well-preserved and delicious tasting cider.

    Our kegs also satisfy your organisations eco-credentials because they are 100% recyclable and have an impressively long service lifetime making them the environmentally friendly option for your business.

    To find out more about our stainless steel CIDER KEGS simply visit our dedicated page on our website here.

    Don’t forget our experts are always available should you require any assistance, please contact us here and somebody will be in touch right away.

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