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    THIELMANN delivers bespoke Battery Safe Box to RIMAC

    Products 30 April
    THIELMANN continues our partnership with Croatian electric hypercar manufacturer with this made-to-order product


    THIELMANN has created the Battery Safe Box TM LP2 for Rimac, the high-performance electric car brand that’s revolutionizing the industry.

    Rimac was founded with one goal in mind: to build "the world's first electric sports car." This required innovation on an enormous scale because electric systems for high-performance cars were not widely available, Rimac would develop their own parts in-house. In total, they filed for 24 patents.

    Ten years ago, they unveiled their first supercar, the Concept One, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Today, the latest model of the Concept One has a total power output of 1,288 horsepower and 1,600 newton-meters of torque, making it one of the most powerful cars on the road.

    Lithium batteries are the essential component of these automotive powerhouses – but with power comes risk. That’s why Rimac needed a bespoke solution for the transport and storage of their batteries. As a fellow innovator, THIELMANN rose to the challenge and created the custom Battery Safe Box TM LP2. 

    THIELMANN Battery Safe Boxes feature an ultra-secure double-wall design and non-combustible, electrically non-conductive, and absorbent cushioning materials as standard. These ADR-compliant units can also be fitted with gas management systems, ensuring full safety and security.

    Rimac needed a bespoke product to allow for easy shipping in an ISO box container. As THIELMANN’s engineering department has the capacity for customization and clean-sheet design, this requirement was met in a cinch. Our expert engineers adjusted the dimensions of our existing Battery Safe Box, meeting their specifications to the letter. 

    The result was a bespoke unit created especially for Rimac. This product is unique to the market, demonstrating THIELMANN’s capacity for innovation and commitment to sustainable technology.

    To learn more about the Battery Safe Box range, click here.

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