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Spotlight on: THIELMANN Corny Keg

05 October
Beverage, Food

Our intelligent and flexible solution for the Soft Drinks industry

Maintaining flavor consistency in the Beverage industry is vital in protecting your brand and also meeting the stringent health, safety and quality standards as expected from the sector. So, what is the best way to protect your star product?

Cornelius style kegs are widely used within the Beverage industry as vessels for the pressurized storage and transportation for beverages under pressure including sparkling wine, cocktails, spirits, cold brew coffee, flavored water, kombucha, juices and other soft drinks.

The THIELMANN Cornelius Style Keg benefits from the same great high quality stainless steel construction that our beer kegs do, offering total peace of mind for the safe and secure storage of beverages under pressure.

The main advantage of the THIELMANN Corny Keg is the easy manual access via the oval handhole, which allows for quick and safe access for the purposes of opening, filling and cleaning, thus removing the need for investment in, sometimes quite costly, filling and washing equipment.

Available in a range of handy sizes to suit your needs and a choice between two different diameter sizes, the THILEMANN Cornelius Style Keg represents a durable, flexible and cost-effective solution for the Soft Drinks industry.

To find out more head to our product page or contact us, and a THIELMANN sales representative will get in touch with you shortly.



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