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    THIELMANN introduces new lightweight IBC


    Called the IBC ECO-LIGHT cylindrical container, the container is a variant of the IBCz-LO cylindrical container with lateral outlet. It has been engineered to reduce weight while retaining the high strength properties of the original.

    Offering a weight reduction of 50kg, the new IBC ECO-LIGHT features a directly flange-mounted lateral outlet valve, optimised cleaning geometry, and can be completely emptied due to its deep-drawn bottom with virtually no dead zones. With continuous fork recess or pockets for safe transport by forklift, the system offers all the environmental advantages of stainless steel IBCs, and is available with a range of accessories including insulation heating and stirring units.

    The IBC ECO-LIGHT has been designed to improve the transportation envelope of liquid IBCs for operators in the food, plastic, coating and chemical industry dealing with high density liquids, such as paint, inks, dense chemicals and resins. As these substances add significantly to the overall weight of a filled IBC, fewer containers can be carried per truck load due to the payload limitations of the transport vehicle.

    “We originally designed this system in response to a customer request for an IBCz with a lateral outlet valve,” Torsten Werthmann, Managing Director, THIELMANN Ucon, said. “In order to move the valve to the corner we had to ‘break’ the frame, which meant we had to make the frame heavier overall to bring that strength level back up.

    “When we saw that this increased weight would allow only 20 IBCs to be transported per truck load, we realised that we needed to engineer the product to get the weight down and allow the usual 22-24 IBCs to be carried per load, while still being as strong as the original product.”

    The end result offers a competitive advantage compared to the original, allowing customers to transport heavy liquids without increasing their logistics costs.

    The system’s non-wearing construction allows continual re-use for maximum lifespan, with the highest possible degree of safety that THIELMANN containers are renowned for worldwide.

    THIELMANN plans to extend the lightweight characteristics of the IBC ECO-LIGHT across the IBCz cylindrical container product line in future. 

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