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    The new THIELMANN Process Equipment product line is here

    Beverage, Products 28 October

    The latest addition to THIELMANN's ever extending arsenal of products extends to the, just launched, Process Equipment line, which is a range of processing equipment designed to fit seamlessly into most industrial processes. It launches with two key pieces of equipment: the Yeast Brink and the Beer Fermenter.

    The Yeast Brink is a keg designed to collect yeast for beer between beer fermentation batches. But as it's a THIELMANN Yeast Brink, and not just any ordinary container, there are some key differentiations which set is apart from the crowd. Firstly, its stainless steel construction, which it owes its durable and long lasting nature to, as well as its excellent corrosion resistance and eco credentials. This is because, on average, stainless steel containers have a much longer life span compared to their regular counterparts, and can also be easily recycled at very good residual value at the end of their useful product lives. Other benefits of stainless steel include its complete resistance to UV light and its low thermal conductivity, which in this case, helps to keep the temperature of the yeast stable between beer fermentation batches.

    Combine this with all of the well designed features you would come to expect from a quality piece of THIELMANN kit, some of which include, a 4" tri-clamp neck and blind cap, as well as a choice of flexible customization options, including, swapping out the stainless steel bottom tri-clamp to a plastic one.

    THIELMANN Yeast Brinks come available in one handy ½ BBL size and are built to the standard 6 bar (87 PSI) test pressure and 3 bar (43.5 PSI) working pressure.

    The THIELMANN Beer Fermenter has the same great advantages of stainless steel construction as the Yeast Brink due to its high quality AISI 304 stainless construction material. It is a container vessel designed for beer fermentation and features an insulated TIG welded interior which can be either acid passivated or polished to a mirror finish depending on your requirements. The glycol cooling jacket, also constructed of stainless steel, acts to boost cooling performance and to maintain low lagering temperatures, essential for any good quality beer or ale. The Beer Fermenter has been cleverly constructed to be cleaned easily by means of a 360° stainless steel spray ball and also includes other well-thought out additions such as, a sampling value, bunging device, racking arm, and a convenient port designed for the purpose of adding hops.

    To learn more about these products and more, visit the dedicated Process Equipment product page on the website.

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